Trending September 2023 # Ac Valhalla: How To Find Valkyrie Shield &Amp; Valkyrie Tailpiece # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Ac Valhalla: How To Find Valkyrie Shield &Amp; Valkyrie Tailpiece # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Valhalla has been one of the most popular releases in the recent Assassin’s Creed Franchise. It comes with improved in-game mechanics, a stellar historical storyline focused on Vikings and a simplified reward system that does not impact in-game exploration.

Valhalla also has tons of different armor sets and weapons that improve certain stats and perks. These stats can then be further enhanced by upgrading your Armor and skill tree which allows for ample personalized customization.

You can create a unique armor set and weapon set with specific upgrades for Eivor that solely benefit your play style. It’s been almost a month since the initial release and Ubisoft seems to have started adding additional in-game items to the store. This includes the new Valkyrie armor set. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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What is the Valkyrie Armor Set, Shield, and Tailpiece?

Valkyrie Armor Set

Valkyries are female figures in Norse mythology that are basically tasked to decide the outcome of any battle. Valkyries guide 50% of the dead warriors from each battle to the halls of Valhalla where everyone prepares for the events of Ragnarok.

The Valkyrie Armor Set in AC Valhalla is crafted in the image of these warriors and comes with its own unique textures and animations. The Valkyrie Armor set also has its own perks and 3 different rune slots to upgrade your Armor further.

In addition to this, the Valkyrie Armor set also supports upgrades through the inventory using ‘Leather’ and ‘Iron Ores’. You can also take the Armor set to a blacksmith to improve its stats even further.

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Valkyrie Shield

The Valkyrie theme continues in weapons as well with shields being the most sought after items. Valkyrie shields are lightweight while providing protection that matches or surpasses most heavyweight shields in the game.

Just like the Armor Set, the Valkyrie shield can also be upgraded and equipped with runes depending on your preferences and playstyle.

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Valkyrie Tailpiece

While character customization is a major part of the game, you can also customize your raid ship in AC Valhalla depending on your preferences. You can change 4 major parts of your ship:





These customizations are just cosmetic changes and they do not provide any additional perks in the game. They help improve the overall look of your ship and scary headpieces and tailpieces strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

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How to get Valkyrie Armor, Shield, and Tailpiece

All the Valkyrie items are currently available in the store only. This means that you will have to spend some real-life currency to acquire these items. You can also try grinding for Helix credits but it will probably end up taking a lot of time and hence it isn’t really recommended for anyone.

Let’s take a look at how you can quickly get the Valkyrie item of your choice from the store.

Armor Set & Shield

The Valkyrie Armor set is currently available in the store for the price of 2000 Helix credits. If you are looking to purchase some Helix credits for this armor set then we recommend going with the $20 option that awards you with 2300 Helix Credits.

Although, If you plan on purchasing more armor sets or DLC packs then you are better off purchasing higher-priced Helix credit packs that offer a higher value for your invested money in terms of exchange.

This Armor set contains the following items to complete Eivor’s entire look.

Valkyrie Cloak

Valkyrie Helm

Valkyrie Leggings

Valkyrie Braces

Valkyrie Armor

Valkyrie Shield

Valkyrie Spear

Valkyrie Pegasus Horse

Valkyrie Raven skin

These items also give you additional set perks if you have equipped the entire set. Let’s take a look at the perks on offer.

Entire Set Bonus – Increased Speed after using the Ability: Dive of the Valkyries

Entire Set Bonus #2 – Increased Armor and Attack

Valkyrie Spear Bonus – Increased Back attack damage when low on health

Valkyrie Shield Bonus – Increased Attack power after a successful parry (Upto 5x)

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Valkyrie Tailpiece

As mentioned earlier, the Valkyrie tailpiece is available as a part of the Valkyrie Ship cosmetic pack. The items in this pack do not impact your in-game stats and only affect the appearance of the ship. This is one of the reasons why these packs are considerably cheaper when compared to Armor and Weapon sets in AC Valhalla.

The Valkyrie Ship DLC pack is currently available in the store for 500 Helix credits. If you are looking to get only this pack, then we recommend you purchase the $5 Helix Credits pack that awards you with 500 Helix credits.

However, if you wish to purchase additional DLC in Valhalla, then you might be better off with a higher-priced Helix pack in your budget that will offer significantly more value for the price.

Following items are available in the Valkyrie Ship set:

Valkyrie Hull

Valkyrie Sail

Valkyrie Figurehead

Valkyrie Tailpiece

You can then equip these new items at the shipyard in your settlement easily. If you are still early on in your game then you can unlock the shipyard in your settlement near the docks. This will cost you 600 supplies and 45 raw materials. If you don’t have enough resources, consider raising a nearby monastery.


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