Trending September 2023 # Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 Patch Notes # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 Patch Notes # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 Patch Notes

Fix The Fight.

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 Patch Notes are finally live!

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We have all the details that you need to know, so strap in.

The Liquidators Await

Renewal – Map Improvement

Our intent for the map rework is to improve the infantry & close quarter combat experience. Flags and objectives are now significantly closer to each other. This will reduce the traversal time and overall ‘time to action’ when moving between sectors and objectives. To increase the impact of these changes, we decided to completely remove certain sections of the map that broke the game flow or were considered to be too far away. 

We’ve worked with both the terrain and with a large amount of new military fortifications to provide more opportunities for cover. These assets transform the map, making it feel less pristine and more ready for war. A feeling enhanced during gameplay as the new military fortifications support destruction to greater extent than the original map design.

Polaris RZR

Fast and fun. The Polaris RZR is now available on the Battlefield as an in-world vehicle. Jump into this lightweight buggy with a teammate and zip across the Battlefield, surprising enemy infantry or gaining new, tactical positions.



Fixed an issue preventing the Weekly Missions list from being scrolled during End of Round

Collection – Fixed an issue where the wrong input icon is displayed when equipping vehicle customizations

Statistics – Fixed an issue that could cause the accuracy stat to reach a value above 100%

Fixed an alignment issue related to HUD notifications on wide screen monitors

Fixed a scaling issue related to HUD notifications

Fixes an issue that could cause a black screen after leaving a game that was close to the End of Round

Fixed an issue that could cause the Introduction Video to play when booting the title into fullscreen and directly pressing Alt + Enter to go into windowed mode

Resolved instances where visual artifacts could appear on screen while matchmaking into a new server on the Exodus Conquest playlist

Fixed instances where binding a secondary input to mouse buttons did not work

The sorting arrow is now pointed correctly for the Players section in the Battlefield Portal Browse tab

Battlefield Portal

Multiple fixes and adjustments have been made to resolve issues with assets and collision across classic era maps

Rules Editor

Added Crawford, Stranded, Season 2 Weapons, and Vehicles to Rules Editor selection lists

Added Audio Asset Library

Added World Icons Asset Library

Added RemovePlayerInventoryAtSlot block to Rules Editor

Added RemovePlayerInventory block to Rules Editor

Added EnableFastTicketBleed block to Rules Editor

Added OnPlayerExitCapturePoint block to Rules Editor

Added OnPlayerEnterCapturePoint block to Rules Editor

Added OnCapturePointNeutralizing block to Rules Editor

Added SetCapturePointOwnership to Rules Editor

Added EnableCaptureHQ block to Rules Editor

Added CapturePointCapturingTime to Rules Editor

Added CapturePointNeutralizationTime to Rules Editor

Added SetNeutralizationMultiplier block to Rules Editor

Improved error messages to clarify parameter type mismatches for some blocks


Added Modifiers for Hiding Crosshair (also affects vehicles)


Fixed Incorrect Zoom levels when using SOFLAM



Resolved silo damage effects stopping when the silo was queued for destruction

You’ll no longer see foot on snow VFX inside the heli during the insertion sequence


Fixed issue an issue where the terrain around the base of the walkway ship rail could be destroyed enough to make it float


Fixed bullet decals not looking realistic on a painting in the C3 sector

Fixed bullet tracers from the MD540 Nightbird’s Minigun that disappeared when firing on certain assets

Fixed a fire extinguisher that was floating after the wall was destroyed

Fixed a LOD (Level of Detail) issue on wall near stairs in sector E2

Fixed an issue where players could enter unintended areas above the D1 flag room and shoot unaware enemies because of assets with missing collisions


Fixed an audio issue where walking over the outdoor bins at the western side of B1 was inappropriately triggering dirt sound


Fixed an issue preventing AI from using the ladder between capture points B2 and D1

Fixed a LOD issue present on the plaza foundation planters found across the map


Fixed an issue where the carports were shaking at the opening animation

Fixed an issue where the dumpster had audio material set to dirt

Fixed an issue where the rocket from rocket launchers would go through the map when shot beneath the soldier while standing on the ramp from crawlerway




Improved input polling to reduce aiming input latency

Players who previously observed mouse input lag during gameplay should feel an improvement with this game update. Please continue sharing your feedback about your experience with us once you’ve been able to play.

Fixed an issue that caused Overexposed lights on Soldier uniforms (IFF)

Fixed an issue where Repair VFX is still present for a short time after the user enters the vehicle

Fixed an issue where the character stance did not reset when entering/exiting vehicles

Fixed an issue where there grenade cooking animation was missing

Fixed an issue with the Large Impact Sound incorrectly being played when attaching C5 to vehicles

Fixed issues animations missing when throwing any grenade

Fixed issues with inconsistent face wrinkles on several characters. A proper skincare routine is important to compliment the active lifestyle of being on the Battlefield

Fixed an issue where Soldiers were visible for a second before spawning on the Spawn Beacon

Grenade throw animation should now play correctly

Fixed issue with Incorrect world log messages when repairing an air vehicle from the passenger seat

The Combat Hammer has should now have a hit indicator when striking a target

Sundance’s landing animation with the Wingsuit has been improved. It’s no longer causes jumpy behavior

Fixed unintended behavior for Soldier physics animations while in deep terrain craters

Improved prone behavior in craters and on ledges

A temporary Soldier movement speed has been added when performing stance changes

A short cooldown has been added to prevent standing / prone stance change spam

Fixed a camera snapping issue when starting a slide

Improved hit detection from shots fired by soldiers while in moving and in open vehicle seats

A prone soldier is no longer able to push other prone soldiers around

Introduced new player collision behavior for friendly Soldiers to help prevent body blocking in tight spaces. Friendly Soldiers that are moving will now be able to move through other Soldiers but will be pushed away whenever they stop moving to prevent clipping




Fixed an issue where the OV-P Recon Drone flies in circles after getting pushed by another player

Fixed a bug where Slow vehicles could not destroy the OV-P Recon Drone by ramming it or running over it

Fixed issues with Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone tooltips showing as unassigned when unbinding Crouch Hold Keybind


Fixed an issue where the Mounted Vulcan could be seen in the character hands when picking up the gadget

Fixed an issue with EMP VFX not being present on the Mounted Vulcan while under the EMP effect

Fixed an issue with Mounted Vulcan shield not being displayed correctly when destroyed


Fixed an issue where APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel did not not block M320 LVG and M26 Mass Frag attachment grenades

The legs on the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel now have proper shadows


Fixed an issue Audio hit cue/indicator triggered on Lis’s rocket when hitting nothing

Fixed an issue G-84 TGM gets a hit marker but 0 damage is dealt to the enemy Soldier


Fixed an issue where Rao signal hacker pulse was missing

Fixed an issue where Rao spotted any enemy that destroyed equipment nearby


Fixed an issue that would prevent jets from visually updating when viewed from a distance.

Hands are now correctly aligned on the 4×4 Utility steering wheel as soon as you enter the vehicle.

Minor tweaks to make exhausts look less odd in vehicle elevators. They were very exhausting.

The audio SFX from Stealth Helicopter bombs no longer persist after being fired.

The countermeasure prompt for vehicles is now only visible for the driver/pilot

The Gunner VE has been removed during spawn, now only showing when you are in the gunner position.

Updated the Air-to-Ground Missile crosshairs on jets to display the lock on crosshair

You will no longer hear the “In Stealth” target blocked audio when looking at a Stealth Helicopter with active dual 30mm Cannon Pods

The HEAT Shell has been renamed to HE Shell to better reflect its intended use as anti-infantry


Aligned the EBLC-RAM Turret so it now sits snugly on the main body

The countermeasure prompt is now correctly displayed for the EBLC-RAM

Fixed an issue causing the EBLC-Ram Active Protection System ability to detonate Lis’ Guided missile from further away than intended

Fixed an issue that caused the crosshair to be shown when deploying the vehicle insertion beacon

Fixed an issue that caused the EBLC-Ram Active Protection System ability to appear to shoot down Lis’ Guided Missile in the wrong direction

Fixed issue that caused the EBLC-RAM Spawn Beacon to not attach correctly to moving objects

Placing the EBLC-RAM’s Team Insertion Beacon in an invalid area will no longer spawn the Beacon in the last location it was placed

The EBLC-RAM now has working lights within the Collection screens.

When exiting the EBLC-RAM with the Team Insertion Beacon Deploy ability active, you will now automatically switch back to the previously equipped weapon

Minigun Wind Up Time has been lowered

Minigun Wind Down Time has been increased

Overall Dispersion has been lowered

Overheat has been increased


Fixed an issue that caused AM40 and Avancys bullets to be registered as SMG bullets

The AM40 Standard Issue Ammo now correctly displays the intended magazine count of 20

The AM40 and Avancys can no longer be used underwater

Adjusted deploy delays for Vault Weapons to ensure a smoother experience

Fixed a bug where picking up the DM7 from the ground would show incorrect weapon icon

Fixed an issue that caused the M11 scope on the BSV-M to not have the correct display

Fixed an issue that was causing unwanted behavior on underbarrel ammo

Fixed an issue that would cause the Avancys to display the wrong LOD when another player zoomed in on you

Fixed an issue where the PF51 would shake when firing after switching from and to primary

Fixed the suppressor muzzle flash being visible in front of the BSV-M when using certain scopes

Missing hints for underbarrel attachments have been located

Reload no longer sometimes go missing on the the SWS-10 when low on ammo

SFX have been improved for Laser Sights

The Ghostmaker R10’s attachments are now displayed on Kill Cards

The PF51 now shows the correct Magazine size in the Collection screens

The Target 8T scope now has the correct icon on the Avancys

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