Trending September 2023 # Exclusive Interview With Manoj Chawla, Chief Business Officer Of Tribyte Technologies # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Exclusive Interview With Manoj Chawla, Chief Business Officer Of Tribyte Technologies # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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The new trends of education aim to make it fun, interesting, and easier to grasp. Implementation of technology into the educations system is growing very fast and schools are on their way to getting on track with the trends. The main vision TryByte is to build a product that makes education interesting, fun, and interactive. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Manoj Chawla, Chief Business Officer of

1. Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and the services that your company offers.

In November 2010, a team of experienced professionals, all of whom had spent years working in different industries, realized their dream of revolutionizing education. The main vision of the company has remained consistent after all the years of working together- to build a product that makes education interesting, fun, and interactive. We’ve consistently worked to offer services that are authentic, engaging, creative, and challenging.  

2. With what mission and objectives, the company was set up? In short, tell us about your journey since the inception of the company?

TriByte was ready to step into a new world of education in 2013, but we realized that to stand out we needed to bring something new to online learning. Education will always be booming, but in 2013, few companies were ready to explore the avenues of Self-paced learning. To us, self-paced learning and gamification aren’t just strategies to reach out to students- but a way of making learning engaging and accessible. We also realized that accessibility isn’t just about how students are taught, but about how we can reach out to people who might not have equal access to resources. So we decided to think about the parameters of online learning that could reach out to students who were used to offline and traditional learning.  

Here’s a breakdown of how we’ve transitioned in the last 10 years: Stage 1: Focus on Content delivery & Assessments:

Enabling providers to upload the best content, using the latest technology is merely the starting point of EdTech interventions, providing access to high-quality content, at affordable prices on a large scale.  

Stage 2: Creating an engaged learner:

Students, irrespective of age group and course content, need to be motivated to learn. Thus, engaging the learner by way of gamification, leaderboard, badges, and other engagement models, makes learning more engaging and delivers better outcomes.  

Stage 3: Personalized & Adaptive Learning (making the cutting-edge) 3. Mention some of the awards, achievements, recognitions, and clients’ feedback that you feel are notable and valuable for the company.

1. IT Solutions Provider of the Year – 2023 by EdTech Review. 2. Executed over 75,000 concurrent exams without any technological glitch. 3. Enabled over 40,000 live sessions every month since the lockdown in 2023. 4. Rave reviews from clients for the company’s unique feature suite, catering to current & even aspirational requirements.  

4. Brief us about the proactive Founder/CEO of the company and his/her contributions towards the company and the industry.

Seethaprasad comes with 25 years of experience in building products and technologies for large-scale deployment with the last 10 years focused on EdTech. He has elevated TriByte from a start-up to an enterprise catering to leading EdTech companies that are serving millions of users in 25 countries and 3 continents. He is the driving force behind all the technological innovations towards making learning more personalized and engaging, leading to better learning outcomes for the learners. It’s his vision to create a “Made-in-India” product that can cater to not only the needs of Indian customers but be able to compete globally, as well. This is what has made Tribyte one of the leading EdTech providers in India which are now spreading across other countries.  

5. Kindly mention some of the major challenges the company has faced till now.

1. Adequate Digital Infrastructure:  Digital Infrastructure like broadband, electricity, and availability of required devices/hardware. It will take time and energy from all the stakeholders to get the required infrastructure. TriByte platform has been designed to keep these challenges in mind where offline is considered as a primary requirement providing users the same experience. 3. Free and paid services dilemma:  Education Institutes are always flooded with free products which do not provide the complete ecosystem to ensure effective learning. Thus, EdTech companies need to be creative in pricing strategies to align with the market needs.  

6. What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?

Other than the deep experience of resolving issues typical to the Indian education scenarios, TriByte LMS is unique because it provides a customized solution to multiple clients’ needs and pedagogies. The fact that we’re an integrated LMS that encourages self-paced learning, assessment solutions, as well as blended-learning sets us apart. We’ve managed to introduce large-scale assessments with no glitches, with up to 1 lakh assessments per day while remaining cost-effective and highly stable.  

7. Please brief us about the products/services/solutions you provide to your customers and how do they get value out of it

Tribyte provides a comprehensive flexible interactive learning management system as software as a service, which enables the customers to go completely online or hybrid in a few days.  Customers can use self-paced, fully online, blended classrooms pedagogy as per their academic needs. eCommerce solutions with multiple payment gateway integrations, ordering, product management, etc., enabling customers to go digital and start their digital business in a quick time. Inbuilt support of localization and globalization allows our customers to go pan India and internationally for their business needs. The robustness and scalability of the products allow the customers to scale without thinking about the technology challenges.  

8. What is your Leadership Mantra?

TriByte is a young close-knit company focused on addressing the challenges of technology-enabled learning and teaching. The company follows a flat organization hierarchy where each one is free to contribute and participate in ideation, conceptualization, and definition of the product. Each team member is made to understand the problem that we are solving and the impact they are creating in the learning space which keeps them motivated to come up with innovative solutions. We also conduct a lot of activities like Coding Camps, Knowledge sessions, Customer Interactions, etc. which helps employees to keep them updated on the latest and greatest technology.  

9. What is the reason that organizations are using IoT/analytics/big data/AI/ML/Big Data Analytics?

In EdTech AI/ML and Data, analytics can play a noticeably big role in how solutions are delivered. Below are a few highlights

Learning Gap Analysis: An automated system-driven analysis can find the precise areas that need improvement.

Virtual Tutor: An AI-based virtual tutor building personalized learning paths for each learner, previously restricted to a few toppers, would benefit all learners to improve their mastery, and hence improve learning outcomes at a large scale as well as democratize education.

Business Scalability: As assessment is automated, the shortage of good faculty will no longer be a constraint. Thus, businesses can scale beyond cities to all-tiers, while continuing to provide personal attention and improvement plans, cost-effectively.

Faculty productivity: The system can automate most of the grading of student work, repetitive tasks, and performance analysis of the students, etc., thus allowing faculty to focus on areas related to teaching, personal tutoring, and learning pedagogies that are not system driven.

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